How to Browse the Course Catalog: Self-Service for Students

Video Transcript

Welcome to How to Browse the Course Catalog: Self-Service for Students! This is the fourth video in the Self-Service for Students series. Let's get started!

From the Welcome screen, click Course Catalog.

There are two ways to search the catalog: Subject Search and Advanced Search.

Subject Search allows you to scroll through a list of subjects or search for a specific subject. For example, in the last video, I saw I need to take a history class to satisfy another requirement in my program. Click in Search for a course subject and then type history. In the results, click History. Now you can filter the results to narrow down the list of courses at the bottom of the screen. You can filter by: Location, Term, Days of the Week, Time of Day, Instructor, Academic Level, Course Level, Course Type, and Instruction Type.

Scrolling down to the list of results. Here we can see all the results based on the search I entered and the filters I checked. I can see a couple of history classes here that would satisfy my requirement: History 1302 and 2301.

Let's go back and see how to browse the catalog using Advanced Search now. Click Back to Course Catalog.

On Advanced Search, you can set the: Results View, Term, Start Date, End Date, Courses and Sections. Days of the Week, Location, Academic Level, Time of Day, and Course Type. I need to find History 1302, 2301, 2328, or 2381. Let's narrow down by Term first. Click Term, and then click the semester you want to search. I chose Spring 2022. Click the Subject drop-down, and find the subject you want. I chose History. In the Course Number field, you can type the specific course number you want, or you can leave it blank. I want 1302 or 2301. You can specify Days of the Week by checking the boxes for classes held on those days. I'm going to leave these all unchecked to see all days. You can specify a Location. Click the Location drop-down, and then select the campus where you want to attend this class. To specify the Academic Level, click Academic Level, and then choose one. Same for Time of Day and Course Type. Once you have all the selections made, click Search.

Now the page looks like what we saw when we searched the first time. Scrolling down. You can filter the results by clicking any of these checkboxes here. The results look different this time. We can see each section of History 1302 and 2301. You can see the: Term, Status, Section Name, Title, Planned Status, Dates, Location, Instructional Methods, Meeting Information, Faculty, Availability, Credits, Course Types, Academic Level, Comments, and Book Store.

Our next step would be to select a section we want to attend. We'll see how to do that in the next video.

And that's it! You now know how to browse the course catalog!

If you want to return to the Welcome screen, click the Home icon in the menu bar along the left side of the screen. If you are finished in Self-Service, click Sign out in the upper-right corner.

Thank you for watching!