How to Plan Your Schedule: Self-Service for Students

Video Transcript

Welcome to How to Plan Your Schedule: Self-Service for Students! This is the fifth video in the Self-Service for Students series. Let's get started!

This time we're starting in the Course Catalog. In the last video, we learned how to browse the Course Catalog.

Scrolling down a little bit.

I also found a few History 1302 and 2301 classes I could take to fulfill my history requirements in my program. These are the results we got in the last video. You can sort the results by any of the columns. Click the up or down caret next to the header to sort in ascending or descending order by that column.

For example, I'm going to click the down caret next to Location to sort by the campus location in descending order. And now I'm going to click the up caret to sort Location by ascending order. Next, I'm going to sort Meeting Information in ascending order. And now in descending order.

I'm looking for a History 1302 class, that starts in March, at Mountain View, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Scrolling over a little bit. There are still open seats in this class. I can see this is a credit class. And there are no comments about restrictions or anything else here.

Scrolling back over.

Scroll through the list, reviewing each section, and decide on one or more that you're interested in. When you find one you like, click Add to add it to your plan.

Review the popup that appears. You can see the: Section Name, Semester, Instructor, Meeting Information, Dates, Seats Available, Credits, Grading, Requisites, Course Description, Transfer Status, and Book Total. If everything looks good, click Add Section, otherwise, click Cancel.

This isn't registering you for the class. It is simply adding it to your planned calendar, so you can see all of the classes you intend to take next semester.

A message appears at the top right of the screen: "HIST 1302 62303 has been planned on the schedule."

The next step is to register for the class. We'll see how to do that in the next video.

And that's it! You now know how to add a section to your plan!

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Thank you for watching!