How to Register for Classes: Self-Service for Students

​​Video Transcript

Welcome to How to Register for Classes: Self-Service for Students! This is the sixth video in the Self-Service for Students series. Let's get started!

From the Welcome screen, click Student Planning.

If any messages pop up in the top-right corner at any point while navigating around in Self-Service, make sure to read them and contact any departments listed.

In the previous video, we learned how to add a section to your plan. I added History 1302 to my plan.

Scrolling down a little bit.

We can see my planned Spring 2022 Schedule right here. There may also be sections listed underneath where it says Sections with no meeting time. Anything in yellow is a planned course. Anything in green is a course I'm already registered for.

Scrolling back up.

If you are ready to register for classes you added to your plan, click Go to Plan & Schedule. You can register for all of your planned sections at once by clicking Register Now. Or, you can register for each section one at a time by clicking Register in the left side column, where you can scroll through a list of all the sections you've added to your plan.

You can also see a daily schedule with each section blocked out. If sections overlap on a certain day, that means you are scheduled to be in two places at once.

Let's register for the History 1302 section I added to my plan in the last video. Let's review all of the course details. So, click Meeting Information. Review everything here, and make sure it all looks good. Click Meeting Information to collapse it again. And, if you're ready, click Register to register for this course.

On the calendar, you'll notice that the History 1302 section has changed from yellow to green. Again, sections in yellow are planned and sections in green are registered for.

Also, if I scroll to History 1302 in the list of sections, it now shows Registered, but not started.

The next step is to pay for the class. We'll see how to do that in the next video.

And that's it! You now know how to register for a class!

If you want to return to the Welcome screen, click the Home icon in the menu bar along the left side of the screen. If you're finished in Self-Service, click Sign out in the upper-right corner.

Thank you for watching!