Teams Student Download Guide


Microsoft Teams downloading guide. Teams is a Microsoft collaboration tool that supports your class, work group or club by providing organized chats, secure access to share files, online meetings and more.

The teams desktop, web and mobile apps make it easy to remain connected. The different versions allow you to access it from a PC, a Mac, or a mobile device.

First, go to slash and slash Microsoft dash teams slash download dash app on your desktop web browser or mobile device browser. Then click on Download for desktop or download for mobile.

If you're on your desktop, you have the option to download Teams for home or small business, or download Teams for work and school.

Click download Teams for work or school, and wait for the application to download. If you're on your mobile device, you will either be taken to an App Store pop-up or the Google Play Store to download the app.

It will ask you to sign in with your Dallas College e-mail and enter your password. Once you have access, you'll be ready to use Microsoft Teams.

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