Creating and Saving Files


Virtual Desktop Using Workspaces and Creating and Saving files. There are several Workspaces in your virtual environment, including a General Workspace, a Coding and Design Workspace, and an Engineering Workspace. All your Workspaces are connected to OneDrive. That means you have access to your files from any of your Workspaces. As a student, you also have one terabyte of space to store your files. That's huge! Your Workspaces are powerful virtual environment where you can run the largest applications, write process intensive programs, and create digital media, in large format files like those used in photos and video productions. When I create files on my Workspaces, they'll be there next time I log in. I'm creating an Economics folder on my Desktop with several folders inside of it. If I launch Microsoft Word and write a paper, I can store it in one of my folders. When it is time to save my file, I can just double-click the OneDrive, navigate to the correct folder, name the file, then save it. Now my file is safely stored in the cloud. The next time I log into my Workspace, my files and folders will be there waiting for me on the Desktop. There they are!

There they are! In fact, when I log into any of my other Workspaces, I can still see my files. I'm logging into my Coding and Design Workspace this time. Once I have logged in, I can see my files are still there. Your Workspaces provide powerful virtual environment to work in. And, because they work with OneDrive, your files are safe, secure, and accessible anywhere you go. You can contact Student Technical Support by visiting our website, calling 972.669.6402 local, 866.374.7169 toll-free, 24 hours a day, or you can email us at