Submitting and Sharing Your Assignments and Files


Virtual Desktop Submitting and Sharing Your Assignments and Files. You've been busy working in your Workspaces, creating files and completing your assignments. Now it's time to submit those assignments, and some of your files are really large. Perhaps you used to submit large files on a thumb drive if they were too large to email. Those days are over.

The files you save in your Workspaces are saved to OneDrive and OneDrive makes them easy to share. Let me show you how. First I navigate to the file I want to share or submit to my instructor. Next, I can right-mouse click my file, then select Share from the menu. It's the option with the little blue cloud next to it. There are two options available for sharing my file. The first option is to send a link by email. I must first decide if the person I'm sending my file to should be able to edit it. This is a great option for sending a file for my instructor to grade. Sometimes I don't want a recipient to be able to edit my file, so I click on the link that says Anyone with the link can edit.

In the link settings I click on, Can edit and change it to Can view. That way they can't change my file. I click Apply to save my changes. Now I can add a recipient's email address in the To field, type a short message, then click the Send button. That was so fast and easy too! If your instructor wants you to submit a link to your file, another way we can do that too. Let's look at the second option for sharing my file. Following the same steps as before, I right-click my file, then select Share from the menu. This time, I look at the bottom part of the share dialogue and notice I can copy a link to my file. I have the same option to allow other people to edit my file or to make it view only. Finally, I click the Copy button to copy my file link. It is a web link I can paste into an email or wherever I need to submit my assignments for school. You don't have to keep up with thumb drives anymore. And sharing files has never been easier. You can contact Student Technical Support by visiting our website, calling 972.669.6402 local, 866.374.7169 toll-free 24 hours a day, or you can email us at