​​​​​​​​​​​​​College can often feel overwhelming. We're here to offer you a network of support — advisors, instructors, mentors and classmates — who care about your dreams, too.

Dallas College’s Ascender program treats you like familia. You’ll make friends, develop leadership skills, learn to thrive academically, celebrate Latinx culture and receive structured guidance as you prepare to transfer to a university.

This free program is open to all first-year​ students wanting to earn a bachelor’s degree. You do not have to be Latinx to join the program. Students from all areas of study are welcome to apply.


Why Join Ascender?

You’ll prepare for university transfer alongside a group of peers, receive one-on-one mentoring, career and transfer skills development, attend family-friendly events and much more!

The goal is to help you achieve college readiness, earn certificates and associate degrees and transfer on to four-year universities and beyond.



As a member of Ascender, you will join a learning community based on your educational background. Each learning community takes certain in-person classes together during the first two semesters of college.

Navigation Support

The Ascender team helps you clarify personal and professional goals while supporting you as you work toward them.


Student Engagement

Participation in Ascender encourages you to deepen your peer networks and leadership skills outside of the classroom.

Interested in Joining Ascender?​


Don’t wait, seats are filling up fast! For more information, email

Ascender is supported by Catch the Next, an evidence-based college readiness and completion nonprofit.