QLess Video

Video Transcript

How QLess Is Improving the Dallas College Student Experience

At Dallas College, we’re constantly working to improve the student experience.

The Student Success Division recently launched QLess, a virtual queueing system, to reduce wait times for drop-in services.

QLess works just like calling ahead to a restaurant to get on the list.

A student who wants to visit a service area “gets in line” via website, app, kiosk or text message.

You can even sign in before you arrive on campus.

QLess provides an estimated wait time, so students can wait however and wherever they want.

It also sends wait time updates by text and allows students to request more time to arrive.

When it’s their turn, students are summoned by text to the appropriate office.

Student: “I was notified that you are ready for me.”

Employee: “Hi! Yes, let’s check you in. John is ready for you.”

QLess is one of the many service improvements that make the student journey easier to navigate.