eCampus and Online Tools

​​​After Reading This Pag​e, Do the Following: 

  • Log in to eCampus and explore your available classes. (15 minutes)
  • Look at additional eCampus tutorials to learn how to use it. (15 minutes)

What is eCampus?

 eCampus is the online classroom where you will access all your classes.​

Screen shot of the main eCampus landing page 

A listing of your classes is available under the Dallas College tab in My Courses and under the Courses tab.

Screenshot of the top of the eCampus home page. The course list in which the student is enrolled is highlighted. 

Each eCampus class may contain different navigation links on the left-hand menu. Take time to explore each menu item in your online class to see how the class is organized.


Technology Requirements

It is important to be ready for learning online from day one. Please take time to read Technology Requirements and make sure you are prepared to learn online.

Using eCampus

Log in to eCampus

Screenshot of the login screen of the eCampus. The access my courses button is highlighted. 
  1. Go to
  2. Choose Access My Courses Now.
  3. Log in with your Username and Password

Basic eCampus Tutorials:

Additional tutorials are located on the Tutorials for eConnect and eCampus page.

Additional Online Tools

Your instructor might use video conferencing tools for office hours or other class meetings at specific times. (Your instructor might call them online, live, and/or synchronous sessions.) Your instructor might also require that you use a particular tool so you can take tests in a more secure environment.

Video Conferencing

There are three different video conferencing tools available at Dallas College. Many instructors and college services are using a video conferencing tool to connect with students. Your instructor will choose the tool that best fits your class.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra works seamlessly with eCampus. You may have access to Collaborate within your course and/or if your instructor provides you with a link to join the session.


Microsoft Teams is part of Microsoft Office 365, which is available to everyone at Dallas College.

To log in to Teams, use your eConnect username and password. To access Teams, use one of the following methods:


Webex is another video conferencing tool available to instructors.


Respondus LockDown Browser

Your instructor might require that you take your online tests using a secured web browser called Respondus LockDown Browser. You might also be required to have a web cam and be monitored during the test.


NOTE: A computer is required. The LockDown Browser does not work on mobile devices.


Where Do I Get Help? 

​​​Have quest​​​ions or concerns about eCampus? The technical support staff is available 24/7 to assist you. Just choose your method of contact: