eCampus and Online Tools

​​Af​ter Reading This Page, Do the Following: 

  • Log in to eCampus and explore your available classes. (15 minutes)
  • Look at additional eCampus tutorials to learn how to use it. (15 minutes)

What Is eCampus?

eCampus is the online classroom where you will access your Dallas College classes.

Note: Classes become available at 8 a.m. the Wednesday before the start of the term.

Technology Requirements

It is important to be ready for learning online from day one. Please take time to read the Technology Requirements and make sure you have access to the appropriate technology.

Using eCampus

Log In to eCampus

Step 1: Go to

Important: The recommended internet browsers are Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Do not use Internet Explorer.

Step 2: Select “Access My Courses Now.”

Screenshot of Dallas College eCampus Log In page.   Options: Access My Courses Now or I Need Help Signing In   Student Username Example:   Faculty Username Example:   Internet Explorer is not a supported browser. See a list of supported browsers.   Select Access My Courses Now.  

Step 3: Log in with your Dallas College username and password. 

Explore Tools and Features in eCampus

NEW Learning Management System: Brightspace​

To learn more about Brightspace:

Basic eCampus Tutorials

Visit the Tutorials for Online Tools page to explore tutorials including:

  • eCampus
  • eConnect
  • Virtual Desktop​

Additional Online Tools

Your instructor might use video conferencing tools for office hours or other class meetings at specific times. (Your instructor might call them online, live and/or synchronous sessions.) Your instructor might also require that you use a particular tool so you can take tests in a more secure environment.

Video Conferencing

Many instructors and college services use a video conferencing tool to connect with students.

Click the links below to learn more about Dallas College tools for video conferencing (if one is required for your c​lass):

Respondus LockDown Browser

Your instructor might require that you take your online tests using a secured web browser called Respondus LockDown Browser. You might also be required to have a webcam and be monitored during the test.


Note: A computer is required to use the LockDown Browser. It does not work on mobile devices.


Where Do I Get Help? 

Have questions or concerns about eCampus? The Dallas College Technical Support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

  • Call 972-669-6402 or toll-free 866-374-7169 (Dual Credit students: Call 972-669-6555)
  • Chat with a technician or check out the FAQs