Studying Face-to-Face and Online


Types of Classes

Most classes at Dallas College fall into three basic categories: on-campus (face-to-face), online and hybrid.

On-campus (face-to-face) classes:

These are classes you attend in person. They take the form of lectures and labs and involve face-to-face interactions with your instructor and fellow students.

100% online classes:

The entire class is delivered over the internet using a virtual classroom. All on-campus resources (like libraries and tutoring) are still available to you online.

Hybrid classes:

A portion of the class takes place on campus and the other part takes place online in a virtual classroom. For example, you might meet for 1.5 hours on campus and then spend 1.5 hours reviewing online resources and participating in online activities.

Note: There is no distinction between on-campus, online, and hybrid classes on your college transcript.

How Do On-Campus (Face-to-Face) Classes Compare to Online Classes?

In an on-campus class you can expect to: In an online class you can expect to:
  • Go to class on specific days at specific times.
  • Bring your course materials and supplies to class with you.
  • Learn by listening to your instructor, reading the assigned readings and interacting with class materials and fellow students.
  • Meet with your instructor face-to-face during office hours for one-on-one assistance and questions.
  • Complete assignments in and outside of the classroom.
  • Testing typically occurs in class.
  • Log in to your virtual classroom everyday (including weekends).
  • Learn by reading and interacting with online instructional materials.
  • Take part in online activities with other students.
  • Be responsible for creating and following a plan of how you will use your time throughout the week.
  • Connect with your instructor by email or during virtual office hours for one-on-one assistance and questions.
  • Complete and submit all assignments digitally and/or in your online classroom.
  • Testing typically occurs online.

How Do Online Classes Work?

  • Online classes require excellent time management skills, study skills and initiative.
    While they provide much more freedom for your schedule, you must be proactive, self-motivated and responsible to be successful. Because of this, online classes are generally harder for dual credit high school students. We strongly recommend taking at least one on-campus class before attempting an online class.
  • An online class can be accessed through eCampus at any time once the class starts.
    You will have access to a course syllabus, which will explain the class expectations and all assignments and tests that are required to pass the class. Each week, you will be required to complete readings, quizzes and other assignments as appropriate. Generally, online classes are not self-paced, and assignments and tests may only be available for a limited amount of time.
  • If you have questions about your class, email your instructor.
    Allow at least 24 hours for a response. You are expected to contact your instructor in advance of important deadlines (tests, exams, last day to withdraw, etc.). Instructors may not remind you of missing assignments and they reserve the right to not offer makeup exams and quizzes.

Are you Prepared to Study Online?

It's important to think carefully about the decision to take an online class. Ideally, you should be able to answer “yes" to all the questions below.

  1. Can you schedule and manage your time well?
  2. Can you learn independently by reading/viewing all required class materials, such as books, online articles, videos and more?
  3. Can you follow written instructions to complete a task?
  4. Are you able to explain your ideas in writing?
  5. Are you self-motivated and capable of working independently?
  6. Do you complete tasks on time?
  7. Do you have the required technology and technical skills?
  8. Are you comfortable asking for help with technology, if needed?

If you answered “no" to a few of these questions, consider the steps you can take to making the answer “yes," as these are important factors in helping you succeed.

Note: All Dallas College students can use Microsoft Office 365 for free, including Microsoft Word on the web.