Nontraditional Occupations

Dallas College supports students who are seeking degrees in a nontraditional occupation.

The U.S. Department of Labor defines a "nontraditional occupation" as an occupation in which 25% or less of one gender is employed.

Why Pursue this Career Path

You are more likely to experience job satisfaction if you choose an occupation based on your personal interests, skills and abilities. Not what society says men or women “should” or “should not” do. Many nontraditional occupations offer competitive salaries, great advancement opportunities and benefits. You’ll even find some nontraditional occupations offer high paying careers without needing a degree.

Support for Women and Men

Working Wonders offers special resources (such as child care assistance) to support students seeking degrees in nontraditional occupations. And, we are seeing changes because of it! Recent trends show rises of nontraditional employment. Also, research shows societal views of "traditional" genders in the workforce are shifting.

Nontraditional Occupations For Women

Computer Information Technology (Networking Security Awards)

Computer Information Technology (Programming Awards)

Digital Forensics

Electrical Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology

International Business and Trade

Nontraditional Occupations For Men

Business Office Systems and Support

Office Technology

Travel Exposition and Meeting Management