​​​​​Welcome From the Chancellor

Dear Student,

Welcome to the Dallas College family! Whether you are a new or returning student, we celebrate your pursuit of a higher education and are honored you have chosen our institution. At Dallas College, we are focused on transforming lives and communities through higher education. It is a mission at the forefront of our every decision, and a commitment we make to you from this day forward. An immense amount of hard work and dedication has brought you to this exciting moment, and I congratulate you on your achievements thus far!

Dr. Joe May

As a member of our thriving community, I hope you will fully immerse yourself in the many programs across all our locations that are designed to place you on a guided pathway to success. This handbook serves as the first of many resources tailored to your needs. You will find a wealth of important information, of which I trust you will take full advantage. Throughout your educational journey, you will experience challenges. I encourage you to embrace and grow from them. Remember: You are part of our future.

Dallas College operates with your future in focus. We're building an academically qualified workforce that has the skills needed for new and emerging professions, some of which can also be pursued through non-traditional educational paths like those offered by our college. The resources contained in this handbook, from our basic principles of success to the details of adding or dropping a course, are at your fingertips. Even if you don't read the entire handbook at this time, you will refer to it during your time with us, so do keep it handy.

As you may know, our institution has deep roots within Dallas County. For more than​ 50 years, we have served generations of learners and leaders as Dallas County Community College District. Now as Dallas College, the same rich history and tradition live on, with enhanced innovation aimed at providing you with the best possible experience to meet the needs of our society and community. North Texas is home to the most diverse economy in Texas, and is the fourth-fastest growing region in the United States. Our job growth outpaces the national average, at 3.6%t, and we have a labor force that is 3.5 million workers strong. From aviation to energy, health care to manufacturing and logistics, North Texas has it all.

During your time at Dallas College, we expect you to make learning your primary purpose to achieve your goals. This is an opportunity to explore, create, grow and excel. The experience you gain here will not only shape you as a student, but will also help define you as a member of society. You have taken an important step in life, but this is only the beginning.

I am confident that you will make connections here that will last a lifetime. You will forever be connected to the Dallas College family and we hope you will remain committed to making a difference in the community. I look forward to the many successes you will have with us at Dallas College!

Dr. Joe May
Chancellor, Dallas College

Welcome From the Campus Presidents

On behalf of the Dallas College family, we are all excited to be a part of your educational journey. Whether you're just starting your education or are working towards completing it, we are incredibly proud of all our exceptional students, distinguished alumni and supporters.

The atmosphere at our campuses is unique. We strive to create a feeling of comfort for our students, whether they enter a classroom or attend online. Our faculty work hard to help you grow as an individual and expand your understanding of the world around you, and our campuses offer all the resources you need to make the most of your college experience.

We're committed to helping students succeed in the classroom and beyond. To help you stay on track, our highly skilled academic advisors will guide your journey by planning schedules, recommending courses and talking with you about your specific needs. We also provide services such as career advising, financial aid assistance, service learning opportunities, transportation assistance and tutoring — just to name a few of our many support programs — to help you succeed.

As you begin this new semester, please feel free to stop by our office to chat, take a selfie, ask a question or just say hello. We're eager to get to know you and follow your progress. Our doors are always open. 

Thank you for being a part of Dallas College.  We can't wait to meet you!

Your Presidents