Spotlight on Success Coaches Video Transcript




Hi, I'm Dr. Karen Stills, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Success at Dallas College. Today we are shining a spotlight on success coaches. 

Student success is not accidental. It's not something that just happens by chance. As an institution, we are responsible for creating an environment that yields a sense of care. 

So many of our students have all types of life events thrown at them. And they were confused in who they were to go to for what service. 

The success culture model really considers the full aspect of the student. We give that student a streamlined single-point of contact so that we could focus on all of the barriers that we know students face. We designed program​ming and interventions and communications to address all of those needs upfront and not wait until the students suffers an experience that they may not recover from. 

You get to know your students and you get to know their unique needs. In a year from now, we'll have increased retention, increased completion of credentials, and an increased sense of belongingness for our students to know that they have a space to learn and grow that is safe and designed for them. 

Right now, virtually and on your campus, success coaches are guiding and cheering our students every step of the way. If you see one, thank them and help them keep up the great work.