Transfer From Dallas College

​​Dallas College has partnered with many four-year universities to provide you with transfer pathways for most of the top university transfer majors. No more wasting money or time, or earning excessive credits you cannot use when you transfer to a university!


Choose the Right Degree Plan

To ensure you are on the right path, Dallas College has partnered with universities to prepare transfer pathways to assist you in shortening your time to completion.

Transfer pathways include the specific degree plan requirements and the courses required by the four-year university. The transfer pathways follow the three types of associate degrees offered.

  • Associate in Applied Sciences Degrees (A.A.S.) for students who want to prepare for a specific career or technical field
  • Associate in Arts/Associate in Science Degrees (A.A./A.S.) for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university
  • Associate of Arts in Teaching Degrees (A.A.T.) for students who want to transfer to a four-year college or university program designed to lead to Texas teacher certification

Transfer Pathways

Transfer pathways outline specific courses you complete here and then transfer directly to your bachelor's degree program. This ensures you stay on track with the right courses for a seamless transfer into a chosen major at a four-year university.

Top 15 University Partners

Dallas College has partnered with various universities. The top 15 universities listed have a higher rate of transfer to them.

​​See how your classes transfer to and from Dallas Colleg​e with Transferology!

What is Transferology?

HB 1735 Notice

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