Academic Advising

​​TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO SSS) assists students in planning a personalized class schedule each semester. This process includes selecting a program of study for the completion of his or her academic program. Referrals are made to appropriate campus and community agencies when additional resources are needed. Always review the admissions website for appropriate preregistration and registration dates.

Steps to take prior to meeting with an advisor for preregistration or registration.

  1. Review your degree plan on eConnect to determine what classes you need to complete the degree.
  2. Review the class sch​edule.
  3. Plan your schedule.
    Make sure you have an alternate schedule. If classes are full, the alternate schedule will prevent possible delays.
  4. Write down your tentative schedule.
  5. Call 972-860-8353 to schedule an appointment with your TRIO SSS Advisor.
  6. Bring your tentative schedule(s) with you to your appointment.

Part of the advising process is to help students gather information about universities as well as determine which classes will transfer. Students should always inform advisors if they are interested in transferring.

Considerations when planning your schedule.

Your schedule should reflect your learning style.

  • If you are not a self-starter or have difficulty disciplining yourself to study, online or self-paced classes may not be your best choice.
  • If you do not do well in 8 a.m. classes, do not take them.
  • If reading is an issue for you​ or you do not have time to devote to reading a lot of material, do not take several courses requiring reading during the same semester.

Be realistic. A full course load may not fit your lifestyle.

  • If you work over 20 hours each week.​
  • If you are a single parent with full-time work demands and parenting duties.

Be mindful of your GPA.​​

  • Schedule wisely. Balance heavier reading courses with some lighter courses.

Your schedule should always be a plan of success.