Financial Literacy

​​​To reduce the distraction of financial concerns that could derail a student’s educational progress, both traditional and online financial literacy training opportunities are provided to TRIO Student Support Services students. 

  • Budgeting
  • Avoiding credit card debt
  • Choosing the right bank
  • Debt reduction
  • Understanding credit reports/scores
  • Student loans
  • Avoiding identity theft
  • Navigating the financial aid system to apply for federal aid

Literacy programs are provided through partnerships with community based agencies. Below are some online interactive activities to help gain knowledge about finances.

CashCourse® provides financial education resources for colleges. It's online, it's free, it’s noncommercial and it's brought to you by The National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®) - the only nonprofit foundation dedicated to improving the well-being of all Americans.

  • Build money management skills.
  • Survive in a tough economy.
  • Prepare for success.

Try this fun interactive game that helps you budget your money. See if you can make it through the month on your “salary!” Print out the last page and let’s see how you did. Submit to your TRIO SSS Advisor for financial literacy credit.

Play Spent!

From “Setting Priorities” to “Buying a Car”… Choose a lesson about a topic that interests you. Be sure to ‘Take the Test’ at the bottom of each section. Print out your score and submit to your TRIO SSS Advisor for financial literacy credit.

Access Money 101