Services and Student Activities

Academic/Career Development

  • Individual and group tutoring after school
  • College visits
  • Academic enrichment workshops (test taking strategies and study skills)
  • Career information
  • Standardized test preparation (TAKS, PSAT, SAT & ACT)
  • Academic counseling
  • Parent workshops (financial aid) 
  • College application assistance

Personal/Social Development

  • Social and cultural activities (field trips and volunteer opportunities)
  • Personal effectiveness workshops (time management and study habits)
  • Leadership development 

Bridge Program

The “bridge” program for graduating seniors is designed to assist them in transitioning from high school to college. The bridge program allows students to complete six college credit courses.

Summer Enrichment Program

Upward Bound’s six-week summer program simulates a college environment. Students take part in an intensive curriculum with individual programs of study geared toward their particular academic needs and career goals. Group activities are also offered to encourage the growth of self-esteem, leadership abilities and social skills.

What is the Upward Bound academic year?

The academic component of Upward Bound is held in conjunction with the regular academic school year. During this period students participate in a variety of educational and social activities. Students meet one on one with staff to develop instruction and counseling tailored to each student. Tutoring is held after school at each of the high schools, times vary. Students also meet one Saturday a month.

What is expected by Upward Bound?

Students selected to participate in the program are expected to attend all sessions and work to the best of their abilities to prepare for college. We expect parents to familiarize themselves with our goals and work with us to help their children achieve. A parent association will meet monthly during the academic year and support Upward Bound goals. Parents and g​uardians​ are strongly encouraged to participate.

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All services are funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Educational opportunities are offered by the Dallas County Community College District without regard to race, color, age, national origin, religion, gender or disability.