Tuition Waiver

In-S​​​​​tate Tuition for Veterans

Texas Education Code Section 54.241 Paragraph K, line 1 provides a person (veteran, spouse or dependent) who is eligible for benefits under the federal veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008 or ​any other federal law authorizing veteran educational benefits with in-state tuition prices. The person must file with Dallas​ College a letter of intent (out-of-state waiver request) to establish residency in this state. The person must reside in this state while enrolled in the institution (college).

Establishing In-State Tuition

  • Completed and signed Out-of-State Residency Waiver Request

Establishing In-District status

  • Submit one or more of the following documents to establish in-county residency classification as long as they meet the correct criteria, including listing the student's name and address.
    • Most recent utility bill
    • Most recent bank/credit card statement​
    • Lease/rental agreement
    • Other official mail such as a medical bill or tax statement that has been mailed within 30 days of enrollment

Be aware that Dallas County limits and Dallas city limits are not the same. It is entirely possible to live outside of Dallas County yet still have a Dallas city address.

No refund for residency changes will be issued after the census date (12th class day).