Welding Accelerated Career Pathways Eligible Programs

​​​​​​​Dallas College's Veteran Success Through Accelerated Career Pathways program focuses on developing and promoting accelerated career paths for industry certification in a variety of program areas.

In the Welding program area, Dallas College has evaluated military ​​training and defined accelerated pathways in these degrees​ or certificates:

Military Training Evaluations

Military training related to this program has been evaluated and college credit recommended based on the American Council on Education's (ACE) Military Guide. The ACE recommendations form the basis of the Joint Services Transcript​ (JST), which provides the official documentation for military training and experience. To receive credit for military service at Dallas College, an official JST or Community College of the Air Force* transcript is required.

(*Recent military experience for Air Force members is documented by the Community College of the Air Force and is evaluated through other college processes.)

Credit Determination

To determine the college credit you may be eligible for, visit​ the service links below and search for the military courses and occupations contained on your JST. Courses and occupations are listed by the ACE Identifier code.


Service members take a variety of courses based on their occupation, duty station or service needs. For a course to be evaluated by ACE and have college credit recommended, it must be an approved military course of at least 45 academic hours (some Coast Guard courses are excepted). ACE course ID numbers start with a two-letter code that identifies the service branch that provided the training. AR is Army, NV is Navy, MC is Marine Corps, AF is Air Force and CG is Coast Guard. The ID number may include a version number that corresponds to any significant curriculum changes.

Courses are listed under the service that provided the training, but many service members may have taken a course sponsored by another military branch.


An occupation refers to the service member's job(s) while in the military. The Army and Marine Corps refer to an occupation as an MOS (Military Occupational Specialty); for the Navy it is an NOS (Navy Occupational Specialty), formerly known as a rating; and the Coast Guard continues to call it a rating. The ACE occupation review process is focused on the recommendation of credit for learning that occurs on the job, above and beyond the formal classroom training.

Credit recommendations for occupations can be found by the Title or ACE identification number (ACE ID). All occupation exhibits have ACE ID numbers beginning with a three-letter code that identifies the service:

  • MOS means an Army occupation
  • NER is a Navy Occupational Specialty
  • NEC is a Navy Enlisted Classification
  • MCE is a Marine Corps enlisted occupation
  • CGR is a Coast Guard rating

Credit Recommendations and Instructor Discretion

Following the ACE identifier are a list of the Dallas College courses recommended for credit. Some credit recommendations are at “Instructor Discretion.” This is usually a result of the ACE recommendations falling below the credit requirements for the course. Upon student request, faculty may conduct an individual assessment of the student'​s experience and training and, if appropriate, award credit for the course.

See the courses you might earn credit for based on your military education.

*Air Force (no available courses)

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