Risk Management Strategies for Student Organizations

​​​​In response to student deaths and injuries related to hazing and student organization functions, House Bill 2639/Senate Bill 1138 was enacted by the 80th Texas Legislature. The bill requires faculty advisors and members of student organizations to undergo “risk management training” that must deal with the following elements:

  1. Possession and use of alcohol and drugs
  2. Hazing
  3. Sexual abuse and harassment
  4. Fire, safety issues and possession of firearms
  5. Student travel​
  6. Behavior at student organization events
  7. Adoption of a risk management policy

The PowerPoint audio/video presentation “Risk Management Strategies for Student Organizations” satisfies these training requirements.

Faculty advisors and members of student organizations must attend risk management training. All members of student organizations must be informed when the training is to occur or informed of how to meet training requirements.

Records of attendance must be maintained for three​ years.