Student Programs and Campus Engagement (SPACE)

You can have an out-of-this-world student experience through the SPACE program.

The Members of SPACE help redefine what the Dallas College experience is all about with a voice in how various events and activities are designed. We focus on creating innovative programs and activities that resonate with our students’ needs and interests.


SPACE Program Priorities

  • Deliver large-scale, engaging, cost-free events for students, staff and alumni, enhancing the campus experience and providing a respite from academic pressures
  • Cultivate student leaders and establish a programming board that earns recognition and respect, not only within our campus but also regionally and nationally
  • Embrace values of creativity, innovation, adaptability, engagement, and collaboration, ensuring a welcoming and dynamic environment for all students

SPACE Member Benefits

  • Professional development through event planning, budget management and marketing
  • Leadership growth through specialized training sessions and team projects
  • Campus impact by contributing to a lively atmosphere and creating memorable experiences

Eligibility and Commitment

  • Enrolled at Dallas College with a minimum of nine credit hours
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Not on disciplinary or academic probation
  • Available for summer training and regular meetings

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