Accessibility Guideline: Alt Tags


Accessibility Checklist A: "A text equivalent for every non-text element shall be provided."

What does mean to you?

Basically for any image that you use, whether it be for eCampus, in PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, or anywhere that you provide a student an image you need to have an "alt tag."

What this does is it allows the student to receive a description using a screen reader.

Describe the image as if you had your eyes closed and what information you want the student to retain.

So here, in PowerPoint, I have an image which has a series of elements describing a meaningful blog.

In PowerPoint, in Word, and any other MS Office program, you have the ability to add alt text.

Now the way that I got to this, I have my image inserted on the slide, right click on the slide, choose format picture, and you receive a menu on the right.

Click the third icon: "size and properties" and you receive a series of options.

You want to choose "alt text."

Now here I've provided a title and a description, describing what I want a student to receive information-wise from this image.

Top Tip: Copy and paste your alt tag's title and description into the notes the area at the bottom of your slide. This will provide more information via the notes area for students using screen readers.

So here I have our MEEP Guide Mascot.

And I want to add an alt tag for him.

The way you do this is you use your action item.

You edit the item you'll see your image displayed in the company area.

You'll see your image displayed in the content area.

Right click on the image, select image in the menu.

On this page, you'll see three tabs: general, appearance, and advanced.

Under the general tab you'll see an option says image description.

Place your title or a description of that image in this box and and/or place the information you want the student to receive from this image in that box when complete, press the update button.

This provides all the information that the student will need from the alt tag.

You can check it if you'd like, by clicking on the HTML icon.

This will show the code behind the image and this is a way you can check to make sure the system received your alt tag.