Title IX Confidentiality

B​efore you report a problem, be sure you understand Dallas College reporting obligations and who to go to — on or off-campus — if you would prefer for information to stay confidential.

All Dallas College employees are expected to report actual or suspected sexual misconduct to appropriate officials. Some employees who fall in a category called responsible employees​ are required to report allegations of sexual misconduct. However, there are some limited exceptions to these reporting obligations.

On-campus, some resources (people) may serve in a professional role that permits them to maintain confidentiality — meaning they are not required to report actual or suspected sexual misconduct to officials. These people can offer options and advice without any obligation to report unless you ask them to do so.

If you would like the details of an incident to be kept confidential, you may speak with:

  • on-campus counselors;
  • campus health service providers;
  • off-campus local rape crisis counselors;
  • domestic violence resources;
  • local or state assistance agencies; or
  • members of the clergy/chaplains

These people will maintain confidentiality except in extreme cases — such as when there is an immediate threat or danger, or when abuse of a minor is involved.

Have Questions?

Please contact the ​campus Title IX coordinator or deputy Title IX coordinator.