Dallas College Values


To transform lives and communities through higher education.

Overall Purposes

To ensure Dallas County is vibrant, growing and economically viable for current and future generations.

To provide a teaching and learning environment that exceeds learner expectations and meets the needs of our students, employees, communities, and employers.


We are committed to fulfilling our mission and purposes through core values that shape the culture of Dallas College.



We communicate openly, honestly, effectively, and transparently, follow through with intention, and lead by example, taking ownership of and responsibility for our actions.


We acknowledge and value our employees and their right to be seen and heard, assume positive intent in each other, and will be understanding and mindful of everyone's time, talents, and contributions, with empathy and appreciation.


We ensure equitable access to an environment of continuous learning, support professional and personal growth to create pathways for upward mobility, and provide space for responsible risk-taking to explore new possibilities for our students, employees, community, and employers to, through and beyond Dallas College.


We break down silos by connecting across departments with clear communication, sharing talents, skills, ideas, and resources; asking meaningful questions; and building consensus around common goals.


We model personal and organizational responsibility, proactively address problems with solutions, reliably follow through on commitments, and never lose sight of our purpose.

Engagement and Support

We provide a welcoming, respectful working and learning environment where we embrace, appreciate, value, and celebrate our differences and similarities, encouraging employees to participate in open conversations where everyone has a chance to be heard, acknowledged, and welcomed.