Goal 04: Quality Education

Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

How is Dallas County supporting this goal?

Video Transcript:

Dr. justin Lonon, Chancellor, Dallas College

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Dr. Justin Lonon: Education is our business at Dallas College. Providing a quality education has been our goal for more than five decades since the former Dallas County Community College District was founded. As sustainable practices began to grow across our nation, so has our commitment to sustainability in our classrooms and through our business practices. Higher education helps create a sustainable community. We infuse sustainability into our curriculum and through activities that teach students and community members about sustainable living too. It's our responsibility to apply sustainable practices and information in the classes we teach and the activities that we promote on all of our college campuses, as well as in the communities we serve. Dallas College's annual Sustainability Summit brings keynote speakers who are experts in many areas of sustainability - from environmental justice to farming methods, from solar power to climate change, from urban agriculture to a host of other areas.

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Dr. Justin Lonon: We are making a difference in people's lives. Our Richland and North Lake campuses are frequent first place winners in the national Campus Race to Zero Waste competition. While students learn about recycling, they also contribute to cleaner campuses and communities. The teaching and learning gardens at our campuses teach students, employees, and others within our community about raising their own food. It also encourages them to participate in that sustainability effort. Our LEED-certified buildings and our efforts to protect the future of our environmental viability are also part of the award-winning efforts of Dallas College. As we contribute to the sustainability we also educate, empower, and encourage people in our community to practice sustainability. Dallas College provides education that is good for people, the planet, and our prosperity.

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