Block Schedule Programs

Earning a certificate or degree can be faster than you think. To help you complete a certificate or ​​degree on time (or even early), each Dallas College campus offers Block Schedule Programs every semester.

Block Schedule Programs are conveniently offered in scheduled blocks, such as a morning, full-day, afternoon, evening or weekend.


Fewer tests

You may not need to take the TSI assessment to participate in block programs. Just check the program description.


Schedule predictability

With a Block Schedule, you will know when you will take classes. No more digging through the class schedule trying to find the class you need! Your schedule will stay predictable from semester to semester as the meeting days and times remain the same (only the class content will change).


Fewer decisions to make

Since block scheduling allows you to register for multiple courses at once, it is easier to pick the classes you want and need. You are also less likely to accidentally take extra courses that are not required for your certificate or degree plan.


A cohort community

Entering a Block Schedule Program often means you remain with the same group of classmates throughout your entire certificate or degree program. This gives you the option to know your colleagues better (go network)! It also makes scheduling study groups and group projects easier as schedules line up.


Signing up for a Block Schedule Program is easy. Just fill in the block!

  1. Visit the Browsable Class Schedule.
  2. Find the semester you’re interested in (ex: "Fall 2020") and then click the campus you'd like to attend (ex: "El Centro").
  3. In the lower right column, under Special Topics, select “Block Scheduled Programs”
  4. You’ll see a list of block schedule programs at your campus, each with the prefix BLCK.
  5. Select the program of your choice and register to secure your spot.
  6. You’ll be placed automatically in all the classes you need to complete the block. Those class titles are listed in the description.
  7. The section number for your block scheduled courses are all the same. That means you’ll attend school with the same group of classmates!

Interested in a Block Scheduled Program? Look for the BLCK rubric/prefix in the Browsable Class Schedule on eConnect. See a full list of Block Scheduled Programs in the catalog.