Dropping or Withdrawing From Classes

​Want to add or drop a continuing education class? See Adding or Dropping Continuing Education Classes.

Are you taking classes for college credit? If you cannot complete a credit class or classes, you are responsible for withdrawing formally from the class or classes.

You can drop or withdraw from credit classes in two ways:

1. Online​

Drop classes online through eConnect (login required). You must be eligible for online registration to drop or withdraw online.

2. By meeting with a success coach

Success coaches can assist you with the drop process. Meet with a success coach in person at one of our Success Coaching Centers, or by joining a virtual session online.

Please note:

  • Stop Before You Drop: Under a Texas law (TEC Section 51.907), if you drop too many classes without having an acceptable reason, your GPA could be affected. Be sure you understand how this law may affect you before you drop a class.

    The law applies to students who enroll in a Texas public institution of higher education (including Dallas College) for the first time in fall 2007 or later. Under this law, you may not drop more than six classes without an acceptable reason during your entire undergraduate career without penalty. Please see our catalog for more information about dropping or read Facts About Dropping Classes.
  • If you drop or withdraw before the official drop/withdrawal deadline, you will receive a grade of W (Withdraw) in each class dropped until the seventh unacceptable drop. You will earn a grade of WF for the seventh unacceptable drop, and each unacceptable drop after that. A grade of WF will be calculated in your GPA as an F.

    The deadline for receiving a W is indicated on the academic calendar and the current class schedule.
  • Receiving financial aid? If you completely withdraw from school during the semester, or quit attending, but fail to officially withdraw, you may be required to return a portion of the financial aid money that you received. Review the Return of Federal Title IV Funds Policy in our catalog for more details.
  • See our refund policy in the catalog for possible refund eligibility. If you are enrolled in a Fast Track or Flex class, you are responsible for knowing the refund dates that apply to your particular class.

Questions? Contact the Admissions/Registrar's Office.