Information About the TSI Pre-Assessment

Instructions to Start the Pre-Assessment Activity

This page discusses how to take the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA), which is required before taking the TSI.

You will need your Dallas College student ID number.

Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity

  1. Go to the Accuplacer website.
  2. Create an Accuplac​er account.
  3. Click on “Texas Success Initiative 2.0 Pre-Assessment Activity (TSIA2-PAA)” to begin the Pre-Assessment Activity.
  4. Select “Dallas College” as your Institution for TSIA2-PAA and enter your Dallas College student ID number.
  5. The TSIA2-PAA can take up to 45 minutes to complete. We recommend students take it at least two (2) days in advance of attempting TSIA2.

Y​ou are now eligible to take your TSI Assessment test in the Placement Testing Center.