FAQs and Definitions

​What is the RAVE Guardian app?

  • The Dallas College Emergency Alerts system allows you to choose how you want to be notified of an emergency: by email, by text message or by a recorded voice message on your phone. Choose any or all methods of notification. There is no charge to receive alerts, but standard text message charges from your cellphone provider will apply. 

What is a business continuity plan?

  • A predefined approach and procedure for how a business will continue to run when coping with an emergency or interruption of business. 

What is a disaster recovery plan?

  • A predefined approach and procedure for restoring the business to full functionality, following a system failure or compromise, while keeping the impact to a minimum. 

What is the purpose of having a business continuity plan?

  • The purpose of a continuity of operations plan is to ensure that critical business functions can continue or resume during and after an emergency. 

Does my department need a business continuity plan?

  • While it is recommended that all departments develop a continuity of operations plan, not all are required. Critical function areas are predetermined departments that help develop the continuity of operations plan. 

How do I know which functions are critical to Dallas College?

  • When thinking of critical functions, think of those functions most necessary for business operations to continue during and after a disaster. 

What do I do in case of an emergency at my campus?

  • Practice drills will be conducted at every campus twice a year. The drills will allow you to learn what to do in case of an emergency. Also, please take a look at our Dallas College Safety Videos.

How do I become a CERT member?

What are the evacuation guidelines if I have a disability?

What is the difference between a weather watch and weather warning?

  • A watch means conditions are right for dangerous weather. In other words, a “watch” means watch out for what the weather could do, and be ready to act. This means that a storm is not yet happening but the weather could become severe quickly. A warning means that severe weather is already in the area, and it is important to take shelter immediately.

How do I contact the Business Continuity Office?


Business Impact Analysis (BIA) — A method of identifying the consequences of failing to perform a function or requirement.

Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) — An effort within individual organizations to ensure that essential functions continue to be performed during a disruption of normal operations. 

Critical Functions — A subset of organizational functions that are determined to be critical activities. These essential functions are then used to identify supporting tasks and resources that must be included in the organization’s continuity planning process.

Dallas College Safety and Recovery Team — Ensure that emergency policies, support activities and resources are coordinated among the spectrum of participating organizations.

Preparedness — Actions taken to plan, organize, equip, train and exercise to build and sustain the capabilities necessary to prevent, protect against, mitigate the effects of, respond to and recover from threats and hazards.

Prevention — The capabilities necessary to avoid, prevent or stop a threatened or actual act of terrorism. For the purposes of the prevention framework, the term “prevention” refers to preventing imminent threats.

Recovery — The implementation of prioritized actions required to return an organization’s processes and support functions to operational stability following a change in normal operations.

Recovery Time Objective — The period of time to recover an essential function’s performance if that function has been interrupted. A statement indicating how quickly the essential function will resume if disrupted.