Dallas College 2019 Bond

​In May 2019, Dallas County voters approved the issuance of $1.1 ​billion bonds and notes to construct, improve, renovate and equip buildings for Dallas College. View the resolution canvassing returns and results.


How much will this bond program cost Dallas County taxpayers?

Passage of the new Dallas College bond program will have a neutral impact on property taxes. Dallas College is projected to maintain the current debt tax rate of only two cents as it pays down the bonds.

While the average contribution by taxpayers to Dallas College is less than 5% of their total tax bill, the district’s impact on Dallas County is large, with seven major campuses serving more than 100,000 students and DCCCD providing $19 million per year in free tuition scholarships.


Dallas College has the 2nd lowest tuition rate among Texas' 50 community colleges.

Dallas College serves more than 80,000 credit and 20,000 continuing education students each semester; in 2017-2018, that total was 171,556.

The district expects to see steady enrollment growth through 2030 to approximately 92,000 credit students. To help the state of Texas meet the goals of 60x30TX – a statewide initiative to award a total of 3.4 million certificates or degrees by 2030, with targeted goals for Hispanic, African American, male and economically-disadvantaged completers – more DCCCD resources and facilities are needed.

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What amount did Dallas College seek for this bond program?

Distribution of 2019 bond program dollars will be divided into three main categories:

  • $235 million for industry-aligned workforce projects and programs;
  • $332 million for student-related instruction and success programs;
  • and $535 million for the Dallas Education and Innovation Hub.
$1.1 Billion Requested  


Produce a Workforce Better Aligned with Industry Demand

Prepare North Texas workforce with programs designed to meet high-demand industry needs:

  • Allied Health
  • Culinary Arts
  • Information Technology
  • Construction Trades
  • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Machining, welding, logistics, AI
  • Early Childhood Education
  • To provide equipment, talent and resources for industry-aligned education and training programs


Construct an Education and Innovation Hub

  • Completely redesign and build an all-new, consolidated downtown campus.
  • Create a technology and innovation center as a resource to help businesses grow and for entrepreneurs to bring ideas to life.
  • Develop a business training center designed to meet the unique needs of North Texas companies and their employees.

The new Dallas Education and Innovation Hub downtown will serve the entire county. The hub would include a Business Training Center and a redesigned El Centro campus.



Support Our Continuous Enrollment Growth

  • Expand Early College High Schools and the Dallas County Promise districtwide.
  • Enhance the student learning experience with new instructional learning styles and technology.
  • Develop student collaborative learning spaces.
  • Improve the number and types of degrees/certificates awarded and continue to lower student debt – goals of 60x30TX.
80KCurrent Enrollment Districtwide
31Current Number of Early College High Schools

By 2030, enrollment is projected to increase to approximately 92k credit students districtwide. That growth is, in effect, equivalent to the size of a large college.

All projects are subject to board approval.