Engineering Transfer Degrees

​​E​xplore our diverse range of Engineering degree pathways!

If you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering, you can earn an Engineering associate of science degree for transfer. Dallas College has articulation (transfer) agreements in place with several public universities in Texas for transfer into their engineering bachelor's programs as well as Field of Study degrees that should transfer to most public universities in Texas.

Our programs offer a unique combination of technical expertise and well-rounded education:


Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles and methods to define and solve problems in medicine and biology. Students choose the biomedical engineering field to be of service to people, for the challenge of working with living systems and to apply advanced technology to healthcare delivery. Focus areas include biomedical, bioenvironmental, bioprocessing, or biomechanical.

Many graduates go on to medical school or graduate school, but others will work in consulting, government agencies, biomedical firms, or even technical sales.

A.S. DegreeCampusTransfer Agreement With
Biomedical Engineering*RichlandUniversity of Texas at Dallas

Chemical Engineering

Combine several fields of science (chemistry, physics and biology) with engineering design principles to create new chemical and biochemical processes–usually in the form of chemical reactions or separations. These techniques can be used to convert raw materials like sand, metal ore, crude oil, and natural gas into all of the products we use every day. Graduates may work in the petrochemical industry/plants, research and development, or go on to graduate school or medical school.

A.S. DegreeCampusTransfers to
Field of Study in Chemical EngineeringRichlandSeveral

Civil Engineering

Work on the design, installation and maintenance of the infrastructure systems essential for development of modern societies and coastal subsidence projects crucial for the resilience of Louisiana and other coastal regions. Sub-disciplines include structures, water resources, transportation, geotechnical, and geodesy. Graduates may work for structural design firms or the large-scale petrochemical facilities but often work for government agencies such as the Department of Transportation or U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers.

A.S. DegreeCampusTransfers to
Field of Study in Civil EngineeringBrookhaven, Mountain View, RichlandSeveral

​​​​Computer Engineering and Software Engineering

Create, design or improve computer hardware and/or software by combining knowledge from the fields of electrical engineering and computer science. Computer engineers work in the fast-paced and dynamic field of computer technology and might be involved in any aspect of computer design, including circuit design, supercomputing, microprocessor design, personal computing, chip design, embedded systems, sensor design, robotics and more.

A.S. DegreeCampusTransfer Agreement With
Computer/Electrical Engineering*RichlandUniversity of North Texas
Computer Engineering*RichlandUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Software Engineering*RichlandUniversity of Texas at Dallas

​​​​Electrical Engineering

Design products and systems that use electricity to run the modern world. Electrical engineers are primarily concerned with the generation, control, transmission and distribution of electric energy, signals and information.

A.S. DegreeCampusTransfer Agreement With
Computer/Electrical Engineering*RichlandUniversity of North Texas
Electrical Engineering (PVAMU)*RichlandPrairie View A&M University
Electrical Engineering (UT-Arlington)*RichlandUniversity of Texas at Arlington
Electrical Engineering (UT-Dallas)*RichlandUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Field of Study in Electrical EngineeringBrookhaven, Mountain View, Richland(No specific agreement but is transferable)

​​​​Electronics Engineering Technology

Electronic Systems Engineering Technology (ESET) prepares graduates for careers in electronic product and system development across a diverse range of industries that include the medical, computer, power, automotive, oil and gas, information/communication technologies, and quality of life sectors. While graduates of the program receive a rigorous technical education and take engineering and technology positions within industry, they are also well prepared for positions in technical sales and project management.

A.S. DegreeCampusTransfer Agreement With
Electronics Engineering Technology*RichlandTexas A&M University (College Station)

​​​​Industrial Engineering

Apply engineering design principles to create or improve any type of system. Industrial engineers find ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes and devise efficient systems that integrate workers, machines, materials, information and energy to make a product or provide a service.

A.S. DegreeCampusTransfer Agreement With
Industrial Engineering*RichlandTexas A&M University (Commerce)

​​​​Mechanical and Pre-Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers research, design, develop, integrate and test various mechanical and thermal devices, including sensors, tools, engines and machines. Using engineering analysis and design tools, they solve problems, diagnose and fix equipment failures, develop and test prototypes, analyze results and adapt designs as necessary. Modern mechanical engineers play a key role in the ongoing digital transformation across industrial sectors and demonstrate versatility by covering tasks handled by other engineering disciplines.

A.S. DegreeCampusTransfer Agreement With
Mechanical Engineering*RichlandUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Pre-Mechanical EngineeringBrookhaven, Cedar Valley, Mountain View*Several
Field of Study in Mechanical EngineeringAll Campuses(No specific agreement but is transferable)

* These articulated degrees do not include the entire Core Curriculum. An articulated degree is one that will transfer to specific universities. A student who transfers to the specified universities will not be Core complete if he/she completes one of these degrees.

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