Substance Abuse Counseling

Are you a good listener who wants to help people in crisis? Are you motivated to understand and help change addictive behavior? Consider the related programs of Substance Abuse Counseling and Social Work, both offered with a variety of degree and certificate options at Dallas College.

Are you interested in a career in substance abuse counseling?


Careers in social services are challenging but incredibly rewarding. Our dual program emphasis in Substance Abuse Counseling and Social Work ensures that you’ll learn both the theory and the practical skills necessary for your future career.

The most important things I learned in Eastfield’s Social Work program was integrity and making sure that you have good follow-through as well as the importance of the social work code of ethics — you rely on these ethics as a social worker.” Read Verna's story.
Photo of Verna L. Jones, M.S.W.
Verna L. Jones, M.S.W.
Executive Director, Under 1 Roof