Program Overview

​​​We offer beginning and intermediate courses in American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

For classes currently being offered, see the Credit Class Schedule. You can browse by subject or by prefix.

Browsing by prefix is straightforward:  Look for “CHIN" under “C," “FREN," under “F," etc.  Here is a list of prefixes for World Languages courses.

Browsing by subject, on the other hand, is a bit counterintuitive:  Don't look for “Chinese" under “C," “French" under “F," etc. Instead, look for all of the languages under “W" for “World Languages."

World Languages and the Core Curriculum 

World language courses are a part of the Core Curriculum. Most academic programs of study will allow students to incorporate a language course into their degree plan. Please discuss this option with your success coach.

Placement and Credit By Exam 

If you are already proficient in a language, you may take a placement exam to continue your language learning in a beginning II or intermediate I or II course. The placement exam will not give you course credit. It will only determine the level of your language skills to place you into the correct Dallas College course.  

If you want to receive credit for your language knowledge, you may take the CLEP. You can find more information about this exam by visiting the CLEP's website and contacting the Dallas College Testing Center.

Before deciding whether or not to take a placement or CLEP test, pleas​e consult with your success coach.

The Non-Credit Option

If you'd like to take a college-level language class but do not need college credit, you can take it “concurrently", for non-credit.  A concurrent section may already exist on the Continuing Education (CE) schedule.  Please contact a CE Success Coach if you have any questions.