​​ ​ Q. Why should I be interested in PLA?

A. PLA offers a way to receive college-level credit for learning that took place in a nontraditional learning environment such as on-the-job training, military training, professional development seminars or other informal learning. It can save​ you money and help you finish your degree faster.

Q. Who decides if I get credit for my college-level learning outside the classroom?

A. PLA faculty assess the learning you experienced and “crosswalk”​ that learning to the student learning outcomes and objectives of the course. Then, the credit award is recorded on your official college record. To be eligible to petition for PLA, you must be currently enrolled in six credit hours or have previously completed six credit hours at Dallas College, and you must be in good academic standing.

Q. Do all schools in Dallas College offer PLA?

A. There are some courses and programs where PLA may not be appropriate. Dallas College considers all stakeholders, including outside accreditation agencies, licensure organizations and institutional disciplines, when determining alternative credit programming and PLA opportunities.

Q. What special programs are offered for students choosing to pursue PLA?

A. Learn more about PLA opportunities from recruiters, admissions specialists, pathway specialists and success coaches, or contact the Alternative Credit Office at PLA@DallasCollege.edu.

Q. How do I know if the PLA portfolio method workshop is right for me?

A. This learning assessment method gives you the opportunity to describe and document knowledge gained outside the classroom and to equate this life experience learning to a Dallas College academic course.