Success Coaching


At Dallas College, you have someone in your corner — your success coach.

Need help navigating the world of college? Your success coach will inspire and motivate you to succeed in your academic journey.From your first day to graduation or transfer, a success coach will be there for you every step of the way.


​​​​Success coaches (advisors) will be available for walk-in and virtual drop-in meetings.

What Is a Success Coach?


In the old days, we called them advisors, and their primary function was focused on registration-related assistance. But they do so much more for you today.


Success coaches help you plan your education by:

  • Developing a comprehensive education plan customized to fit your needs
  • Assisting with registration-related questions and roadblocks
  • Selecting a program of study and degree that fit your career goals
  • Explaining assessment, study guides and scores
  • Understanding your GPA and how it affects your financial aid, transfer requirements and scholarship opportunities

Success coaches help you fit in the campus culture by:

  • Building effective relationships and networking opportunities
  • Using campus and community resources to fit your needs
  • Connecting you with academic and nonacademic support
  • Providing a safe and comfortable environment of support and connecting you with a student care coordinator who can assist you with your basic needs and share many helpful resources through our Student Care Network

Success coaches will help you grow as a student by:

  • Identifying strengths and challenges and creating a personal action plan to successfully accomplish your goals
  • Building your confidence and helping you stay focused on completing your goals
  • Managing your educational, work and other responsibilities
  • Holding you accountable to your goals by analyzing course progression data related to your success
  • And more!

Student success is not accidental

The success coaching model considers every aspect of being a student. We give you a streamlined, single point of contact so that we can help you with all of the barriers that we know students face. We designed programming, interventions and communications to address all of those needs upfront instead of waiting until you suffer an experience that you may not recover from.

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What's the Difference?


College Coach

Previously known as recruiters, college coaches connect with students before they apply and register at Dallas College, offering support and guidance on enrolling.

Success Coach

Formerly known as advisors, success coaches connect with students after they enroll at Dallas College, offering support and guidance from registration through graduation or transfer.


Ready to take the next step in meeting your academic and career goals?

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Every single student at Dallas College is assigned a personal success coach. Enroll and meet yours!

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