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WRU Instant Registration Form

It’s time to register at Dallas College by assigning you a new student ID after filling out the following form.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. 20 minutes of inactivity will erase the info you’ve entered.
  2. Everything with a red asterisk is required.
  3. Please don’t add accents or special characters.

We start with your prefix and your first name which is required. Middle name is optional and last name is also required. Your suffix and social security number are optional, but e-mail address and mailing address line 1 are not. Use mailing address line 2 if needed, followed by the required city, state, zip, and county.

You have the option of entering three phone numbers, extensions, and types. Another required item is your emergency contact.

The next two questions regarding ethnicity are optional and confidential. You can answer yes or no for the first and select up to five options for the second.

Your birth date and gender are required and then you have the option of selecting one from eight locations as your home campus.

Finally, check the box after reading the statement next to it and click submit. Keep your newly assigned ID close by, and then use the link below to setup your eConnect account. Nice job.

WRU eConnect Account Setup

On to step two! By now you should have completed your registration form to obtain or confirm your Dallas College Student ID and now you can setup your eConnect account or login to one you already have. This account will be a part of your entire Dallas College journey and will include information regarding your class schedule. But more on that later. Let’s get started.

On your confirmation screen, look for ‘Your Next Step – Choose One’ and select ‘CE/WT Menu’.

On this new screen, the same 20-minute rule applies. So, take your time just not too much time. Select ‘Setup My eConnect Account’ in the second column. This screen requires your last name, birth date, and your 7-Digit Colleague ID. Remember that number you got from filling out the registration form? Type it in, then submit.

Now create a password using the requirements on your screen. It must be at least 12 characters long, and contain three of the four components: an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, and one of these special characters. Just no common phrases or spaces. Make sure it is something unique that you will remember, but someone else won’t guess. Confirm your password by entering it a second time. Finally, select one of the challenge questions and type in an answer that is different from your password. This is just an extra security measure to keep your info safe. Finally, click submit.

Nice work. Now we must introduce you to our learning management system, Brightspace, and you will have everything you need to begin your Dallas College experience!