Video: WorkReadyU Interest Form

Video Transcript:

WorkReadyU offers a no cost adult education program that teaches you the skills you need for college or career success. And this is the Interest Form. You can finish this up in no time flat. You just gotta be decisive. First we'll tackle the easy stuff. Last name, comma, first name, phone number, and your email address. Make sure you double-check the email address because that's where we'll be sending your next steps. Are you a new or returning student? Easy-peasy.

Next, indicate your program of interest. Why are you here exactly? Choose your campus location of interest. If you have no idea, just go to to see which one is closest to you. This next one helps us help you by letting us know if you're currently looking for work. We've got some handy resources to send your way if you are. If you're looking into GED or ESL, this last question helps us recommend classes that will best fit your schedule. Click submit, and you're on your way to becoming a WorkReadyU.