African American/Black History Month

Legacy and Influence of Black Culture and the Arts


Celebrate Black History Month at Dallas College as we honor the achievements and sacrifices of African Americans today and throughout history. This year’s theme is "Legacy and Influence of Black Culture and the Arts."

Join us in February as we come together to celebrate the creativity and talents of Black artists in the areas of painting, sculpture and music, including an art exchange and music listening party. We will honor, credit and acknowledge Black creators, thinkers, artists, innovators and change makers who have become leading influencers and a true cultural phenomenon. All are welcome to attend and learn about global history.


Dallas College Civil Rights Tour and Speaker Series

Dallas College presents the Civil Rights Speaker Series as part of the month-long Black History Month celebration in February. The series typically includes three to five speaker seminars, including guest speakers, faculty lectures and presentations about civil rights. Attendees will learn more about the U.S. civil rights and women's rights movements, listen to stories from social justice warriors and hear more about our Civil Rights Tour.