Jimmy Trey Beachum III

Jimmy "Trey" Beachum III

Threat Management Coordinator, FBI

Trey Beachum serves in the Dallas Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, serving as threat management coordinator and orchestrating the establishment of threat assessment and management teams that have effectively thwarted potential mass casualty incidents. With his background in behavioral intervention, Beachum has demonstrated expertise in discerning and formulating strategic interventions tailored to mitigate harmful and dysfunctional behaviors correlated with psychological pathologies.

Spencer Visconti

Spencer Visconti

Cybersecurity Specialist, Cisco Systems

Spencer Visconti is a cybersecurity specialist with over 20 years of experience in networking and security, with a dynamic background in supercomputing, data analytics and complex virtualized data center engineering. Throughout his career, he has provided engineering and consultative guidance to large commercial customers, government agencies, and state and local governments. In his current role at Cisco Systems, Visconti focuses on cybersecurity and information security for government and education customers.