Dual Credit Resources

​College is different from high school

A high school student having the opportunity to take a college class is a positive experience that helps many young people grow as learners and realize their ambition of completing a college degree. But high school students taking Dallas College dual credit courses must understand the differences between high school and college.

Are you ready for day one?

College classes require dedication and hard work. Ready for Day One will ensure you are ready for the first day of class. Read the pages and follow the steps outlined to become ready to start your college adventure to a brighter future.

Enrolled in online classes?

Online study is different

  • Online students are expected to learn mainly by engaging with online materials, supplementary resources and the completion of assessed work.
  • Most college instructors teaching online classes don't hold real-time online courses.

Learn more about how online study is different.

Find out more about starting right with online classes.

What you can expect of instructors

Every online class has an instructor who is available to:

  • Answer your questions about the course content
  • Grade your assignments
  • Help you succeed in the course

Find out more about when to contact your instructor and how to reach out to them.

How can you help as a parent?

  • Understand school during this period is not easy for instructors, students or parents.
  • Help keep students on track – if your son or daughter is studying an 8-week class, and they need to be spending 12-18 hours on that class, ask them how have they planned that time and how can you help them stick to that plan.

Support success by ;asking your child questions like: What assignments are you looking forward to completing this week? Or: Tell me something new you learned today.

Online tools and resources

  • Whether you are taking classes online or in person, it is important you know how to log in to the eCampus portal and access your class.
  • Make sure you can access your Dallas College email and read all communication from your instructor.
  • Prepare for future instruction through eCampus by visiting the Video Tutorials.
  • Your instructor will provide you with a syllabus and clear deadlines for completing your coursework each week. To succeed in your classes, prepare to meet these deadlines and log in to your course site at least once every 48 hours.
  • You should aim to spend between six to eight hours of study time each week for each college class in which you are enrolled.
  • Need more help? Dallas College offers a variety of resources for our students. In addition, students can find community resources through My Community Services and discounts from various businesses and organizations on our student discount page (login required).
  • Contact your Dual Credit Office if you need more assistance.