Getting Ready for Online Learning

​Online classes are different from traditional classes in unique ways. The information below is designed to help you get ready for your first online class and become a successful online student.

How Do Online Courses Work?

Online classes require excellent time management skills, study skills and initiative. While they provide much more freedom for your schedule, you must be proactive, self-motivated and responsible to be successful. Because of this, online classes are generally harder for Dual Credit students. We strongly recommend taking at least one in-person class before attempting online.

Online classes can be accessed any time, any day through eCampus once the class has started. You will have access to a course syllabus, which will explain the class expectations and all assignments and tests that are due. Each week, you will be required to complete readings, quizzes and other assignments as appropriate. Generally, online courses are not self-paced, and tests and quizzes are only available for a limited amount of time. You will still receive the same amount of college credit as you would in an in-person class.

If you have questions about your class, email your professor. Allow at least two business days for a response. You are expected to contact your professors in advance of important deadlines (test dates, drop deadline, final exams). Professors will not remind you of missing assignments, and they reserve the right to not offer makeup exams and quizzes.