eCampus: Your Online Classroom

​​​What is eCampus?

 eCampus is the online learning environment where you will access all of your classes.

Technology requirements

To use eCampus and study online you will need the following:

A device that can access the internet

Recommended devices:

  • A Windows desktop computer or laptop running the operating system Windows 10 or later
  • A Macintosh desktop computer or laptop running the operating system OS X 10.8 or later
A Chromebook, tablet, smartphone or Linux computer can be used for some course activities but may not work for others. If you plan to use one of these devices to participate in your online course, please make sure you also have access to a desktop or laptop computer in case you are unable to complete an activity without one.

Internet access

Internet access is essential because you will need to go online regularly to view course content and complete activities.

eCampus uses a web browser to access learning materials and activities. Suitable browsers are listed below, ensure you have the most recent version of the browser:

  • Chrome (preferred) 

  • Firefox (preferred)

  • Safari (Mac OS only)

  • Edge (not recommended for use with eCampus)

See a list of supported browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported and will cause problems in terms of accessing course content and submitting assignments.

Microphone and speakers/headphones

You may need to listen to audio content and/or talk in online discussions. Many devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets have a microphone and speakers built in. You can also attach a headset​ that provides a headphone (for listening) and a microphone (for speaking).

Email account you check regularly

Examples: Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Make sure your email information is up to date in eConnect and check your email daily for notifications from your online course. You should also check your spam/junk folder regularly to make sure course emails are not ending up there by accident.

Word processing program that can save files as .doc or .docx

You will likely need to submit documents as Microsoft Word files. All Dallas College students can use Microsoft Office 365 for free. If you prefer to use another program, it must be able to save your work as a .docx or .doc file. (For example: Download Google Docs as .docx files.)

Software to view PDF, Word and PowerPoint files

You will need to view PDFs, Word documents and PowerPoint files provided in your online course. If needed, use the links below to access free tools that will allow you to view these file types: 

Adobe Acrobat (to view .pdf files)

Office 365 (to view Word, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Office files)

graphic of female with magnifying glass over a library

Using eCampus

Log in to eCampus

Go to:

Log in with your Username and Password​​​​​

Helpful information:

Perform common actions

Below are instructions on some of the most common actions students will need to perform in eCampus:

Student Technical Support

Have questions or concerns? Our technical support staff will be glad to assist you and are available 24/7. Just chose your method of contact: