Video: Changing My Email in eConnect

Video Transcript:

Welcome to eConnect Training for Students. 

This video will cover changing your email in eConnect. 

We'll start from the eConnect Main Menu. Type in your web browser and press the Enter key. 

We'll need to go to the Student Menu to change your email. 

Click the Credit Student Menu option on the button bar or the Current Credit Student Menu link on the eConnect Main Menu screen. 

Click the Log In link to log into eConnect. 

Enter your student ID and password and click Submit. 

Click the Change Email Address link located under both My eConnect Account and My Personal Information sections in the Credit Student Menu. 

On the Change Email Address screen, your current email address will appear in the Email Address field.

Enter your new email address in both the Email Address and Confirm Email Address fields before clicking Submit. 

The Update My Email Address: Results screen will inform you that your email address has been successfully updated. 

To verify, click the Update My Email Address link. 

You should now see your new email address. This concludes the video on changing your email.