Part 2: Create RapidID Password and Choose Pictograph


This is Part Two of the Pictograph Authentication setup. By completing these steps, you will:

  • Set up your password with RapidID.​​
  • Select three images as your Pictograph Authentication.​​
  • Log in to to access eCampus, Virtual Desktop and more.

After logging in with your new login ID and the password, you need to choose your pictograph images. Notice that the selected images are shown and should be remembered for future logins.

  1. Pick three images and select “Go” to complete the pictograph setup.
    screenshot of pictograph authentication menu
  2. Complete the process by typing your login ID and selecting “Next” to access
    screenshot of sign in menu

You’re done!

Remember to bookmark to quickly access student resources like eCampus, Virtual Desktop, your Dallas College email account and more.