Application for New Dual Credit/High School Students

​​​​​If you are new to the Dual Credit and Early College High School program and have not taken any dual credit courses in your high school, there are several necessary steps you need to follow to ensure you are registered on time and correctly.

  1. Speak with your high school coordinator or instructor(s), who will:
    • ensure you have met the Dual Credit and Early College High School admission standards
    • provide you with application materials
    • provide you with the link to our new student application and dual credit application packet
  2. Click 'Create Account' and 'Continue.'
  3. Select the appropriate admission term for the semester you're applying (i.e., if you're applying in Spring 2018, select Spring 2018).
  4. Enter your full legal name (first, middle and last).
  5. Click 'Fill Out Application.'
  6. Fill out all five application sections:
    • Name: Enter your full legal name. The name you enter will be accurately recorded the way you type it.
    • Address: Enter your home address. This is where all dual credit and early college high school communications will be sent.
    • Phone: Enter your home phone number. Note that the first box is for your area code and the second box is for the seven-digit number.
    • Personal Information: Enter all personal information. Note: SSN numbers must be entered.
    • Choose your high school.
    • Parental Information for Emergency Contact: Enter all relevant information for your parents.
  7. After all five sections are complete, click 'Application Complete.'
  8. Agree to the admissions agreement.
  9. Print the confirmation screen that appears after the application is completed.
  10. Return the printed confirmation to your high school instructor or coordinator for their records.

Note: Registration and application deadline dates are posted on the Dall​as College website. Use the Apply and Register Link for high school students.