RCHS Accountability

A​cademic Excellence Indicator System Rating (AEIS)

Texas Education Agency (TEA) AEIS Information System

An online system hosted by the Texas Education Agency where you can access AEIS reports for multiple years. This system is searchable for the state, region, district and school level AEIS report.

Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR)
The TAPR combines details of district and campus academic performance with financial reports and information about staff, programs, and demographics.

Financial Compliance

Superintendent's Annual Salary: $129,286

Financial Integrity Rating (FIRST)

Richland Collegiate High School (057840)

Approved Budgets

Financial Transparency

The Richland Collegiate High School financial statements are included within the audited financial statements of Dallas College.

School Report Cards

School Report Cards for individual schools are available on TEA's School Report Cards website. Once on the site, select the academic year for the School Report Card you wish to see. On the screen that follows, select the School Report Card link from the menu on the left. The system will allow you to search for the campus you wish to view.


Accountability Summary

RCHS Family Engagement Plan

Family and Community Involvement Summary

Family and Community involvement centers first around PTSA. This organization provides monthly meetings, student support, organization, and fundraising opportunities. Though it is known that PTSA support generally decreases as students get older, due to the nature of the RCHS program, PTSA support is more relevant than ever.

Community involvement is limited to that of the college involvement.

Parental Involvement and Responsibilities Due to the uniqueness of the high school setting, a strong partnership between home and school is essential to the educational success of RCHS students. Partnerships thrive on effective communication, understanding, and involvement between the school and home. RCHS parents are expected to actively support their student by creating an academic calendar and grade point sheets for each semester. Both parents and students are to meet weekly to update the academic calendar and grade point sheets, which will serve to keep the family informed about student progress.

Additionally, parents are expected to attend 2-Year Planning Meetings each year with their student and Academic Advisor. Working together, parents, students, and Academic Advisors create and update 2-Year Plans yearly that will guide the student towards completion of their academic goals–graduation, core completion, and/or an Associate’s Degree.

Parent Involvement Policies & the RCHS Parent/Student Compact In order to support parent partnerships with school staff, RCHS meets with parents to review, edit, and update the school’s Parental Involvement Policies and Parent/Student Compact. The review is conducted at the beginning of each school year and the revised policies and compact are provided to parents via letters sent home through the students, PTSA meetings, and the RCHS website. Parents are encouraged to join the RCHS PTSA which provides important parent training and information every month. Parents are welcome to attend meetings regardless of their membership status.

Flu Information

Visit www.TexasFlu.org for information on the flu and flu vaccine. The website features helpful resources such as a “Flu Vaccine Finder” map to help locate flu shot providers in your area. You may also explore the website www.ImmunizeTexas.com for more information on school immunization requirements and the flu vaccine.


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