Dallas College Recruiting Guidelines for Employers

​​The following guidelines apply to all employers offering full-time, part time, and work-based learning opportunities (internship, cooperative education, externship, apprenticeship, practicum) for Dallas College (DC) students and alumni.

The Dallas College Employer Resource Center offers Handshake and Greenlight Credentials (the “Dallas College Online Job Boards”) as a recruitment tool for employers seeking to hire Dallas College students and alumni for work-based learning opportunities.

By accessing Dallas College Online Job Boards, employers agree to abide by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice (www.naceweb.org/principles); the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines: Employer/Prohibited Practices and Overview (www.eeoc.gov), as well as all applicable laws and Dallas College policies, procedures and guidelines (collectively, the “Standards”). Failure to comply with these Standards may result in discontinued access to the Dallas College Online Job Boards or deactivation of the online job board account.

Dallas College reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, make all decisions regarding access to and services provided by the Dallas College Employer Resource Center, including, without limitation, revocation of privileges and/or removal of a posting/employer account from Dallas College Online Job Boards at any time.

Please review the Dallas College Recruiting Guidelines thoroughly before requesting access to the Dallas College Online Job Boards.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible to access Dallas College Employer Resource Center services, including, but not limited to, establishing an account and/or posting a position on the Dallas College Online Job Boards, employers and position postings must meet the following requirements.

  • Employer must be:
    1. duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the state of its organization;
    2. authorized and in good standing to conduct business in the State of Texas; and
    3. have the necessary power and have received all necessary approvals to execute and perform its obligations as an employer and user of Dallas College recruitment services.
  • The mission of the employer must be consistent with that of Dallas College and employer must be in good standing under Dallas College policies and procedures.
  • Employer account profiles must have verifiable contact information, including the name of at least one contact within the company, as well as the company address, phone, email address, and URL.
  • Employer position postings must include the products and/or services provided by the employer, a clear and complete job description, compensation (including any benefits offered), and the company website address. Postings that do not meet these requirements will not be eligible for posting.
  • Employer positions must pay students at least the minimum hourly wage, as required by Texas law.
    • Hourly and/or salary wages must be expressly stated and any commission-based structure, if applicable, must be disclosed and fully explained in the posting.
    • Commission-only positions will not be approved for posting.
    • Base salary plus commission positions will be reviewed and considered on an individual basis.

Employers approved for access to Dallas College Online Job Boards must report to Dallas College the following information on students hired through the tool: names, rates of pay, hours worked per week, and beginning dates and end dates (as requested). Dallas College will provide reporting procedures after Employer registration is complete.


The following employers/positions/activities/postings are ineligible for access to Dallas College Online Job Boards and/or prohibited in the recruitment of students whether done virtually or in-person. This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Employers that do not meet the criteria listed above.
  • Employer postings that that are unprofessional, as determined by the Employee Resource Center.
  • Solicitation, sales, or posting of materials, products or services, including but not limited .
    • The sale of items that may be considered a health risk to the consumer (i.e. electronic cigarettes, tobacco items, firearms, etc.)
    • Direct marketing opportunities that require the purchase of or reimbursement of payment for equipment.
    • Requirement to pay a fee to participate in a work experience or for training.
    • Requirement to purchase or rent any type of sales kit or presentation supplies (example: multilevel marketing).
  • Any employer postings or positions that require candidates to purchase equipment, make a financial investment and/or incur initial start-up/out-of-pocket expenses (commission only) that are not reimbursed.
  • Recruitment for
    • inside and outside (door-to-door) direct marketing sales,
    • telemarketing
    • multi-level marketing
    • time-share sales
    • home-based businesses
    • independent contractor
    • investment/security organizations
    • in-home childcare/ personal caregiver/tutoring
    • franchise
    • third-party debt collectors
    • distribution opportunities
    • sale of merchandise (on and off campus), services or products
    • polling or surveying of students
    • fundraising or petition drives
    • recruitment of students for educational programs and/or training at educational institutions other than Dallas College
  • Multi-Level Marketing Sales and Marketing where the sales force is compensated for personal sales and also multiple levels of compensation that may be generated through other salespeople they recruited.
  • Employers based outside of the United States.
  • Postings for in-home service positions. See [“Special Groups”].
  • Posting for commission-based positions.

Special Groups:

Eligibility for the following special groups will be determined on a case-by-case basis

  1. Third Party Recruiters must be representing specific employers who have contracted with them and must disclose to Dallas College the names of the represented employers. Prohibited activities are outlined in the “Restrictions” area
    • Third Party Recruiters may only disclose student information for the open and advertised position. Any other disclosure of student information must have the written consent of the student.
  1. Child Care Providers: Employers must post their state approved license number in the company description area on their Employer Registration and on their Job Posting. The accreditation process required by the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Children) is a benchmark of
    • In-home childcare facilities are not eligible for access to or to post their positions on Dallas College job boards or to participate in a job
  1. Tutoring Service Providers are required to be registered with the Texas Educational Agency as Supplemental Educational Services Providers and provide registration certification information on our Employer Registration Form. To protect and safeguard our students, in-home tutoring organizations that require individuals to travel to independent households will be denied access to our college job
  1. Language Schools Services: To protect and safeguard our students, in-home language school services organizations that require individuals to travel to independent households will be denied access to our college job
  1. Telemarketing Organizations/Companies are required to provide a complete description of the positions and the salary structure. Review regulations above about commission sales and other type of regulated salary structure. Positions not clearly stating job responsibilities/duties, salary and other responsibilities will be


The information provided on Dallas College Online Job Boards is provided as a convenience, is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Dallas College (the “College”) of the employer or of any product, service or opinion thereof or of the candidate for employment. The College makes no representations, claims, promises or guarantees about the job postings, qualifications of candidates identified or the accuracy completeness or adequacy of the information provided, published or disclosed by either the candidate or the employer, nor does it claim responsibility for safety, wages, working conditions or any other aspect of off-campus employment or pre-employment screening without limitation. It is the responsibility of the candidate for employment to perform due diligence in researching employers when applying for or accepting employment, as well as of the employer in the recruitment, selection and hiring of employees. Any use of data shared between an employer and a Dallas College student or alumni shall be for the sole purpose of facilitating work-based learning opportunities.