Job Listing Service

Employers can contact the Employer Resource Center ( to learn about more ways to collaborate with Dallas College.

​​Employers,​ create your DCCN account in four easy steps!

Dallas College Career Network 

We are in the process of rolling out our new online platform Dallas College Career Network (powered by Purple Briefcase) which will allow our employer partners to directly connect to students and community members who are seeking employment. In turn, they will be able to apply for any open positions that you have posted and can be notified when you will be on campus. Please see instructions for setting up your account below and let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!

Creating Your Account is Simple!

  1. Type/view this link: and click on the button that is labeled "New Employer." Choose the free option.
  2. Fill in your info. After you have selected your plan, you will be asked to fill out some basic information about yourself and your company. This will help to build your profile.
  3. Connect to schools. Now that you have created your account, you’ll be directed to the “My Schools” page of your new account. Dallas College will automatically listed as your connection. You are able to connect with other schools at this point. Please Note: There is a cost to connect to more than one school unless you have a school code.
  4. Upon approval you will be able to start the recruiting / job posting / hiring process! As soon as your connection has been approved by the school, you will be able to browse their students’ profiles and résumés, post jobs and internships, track job applicants, manage your on-campus presence, and view/register for events!

Key Features

  • Employer Interface: The interface has straightforward functions such as posting jobs/internships, searching for students, requesting on campus interviewing, and responding to events.
  • Company Profile: You can show students more about your company by choosing from attributes related to you work environment, company stats, or company culture. Students have the ability to get to know your company in more ways than just a logo.
  • Search Students: All students will be able to create a visual profile to outline their work history, academic successes, and extracurricular activities – a great way to learn about our talent!