Job Listing Service

​Employers can contact the Employer Resource Center (EmployerResourceC​ to learn about more ways to collaborate with Dallas College.

Employers, activate your Greenlight Credential and Handshake accounts and start promoting jobs to students.

Dallas College uses two job-matching platforms with very distinct features that are beneficial to you as employers.

Greenlight Credentials Handshake
  • Transcript system for all Dallas College students
  • Account used for career purposes
  • Alumni have indefinite access to their transcripts and your job postings
  • Alumni have access up to 5 years after graduation
  • Students have access to transcripts and job opportunities in one platform
  • Ability to attend virtual career fairs
  • Upload capabilities of resume, badges, or work samples
  • Visually appealing portfolio for students and employers
  • No mobile capabilities
  • Mobile experience
  • Access to Dallas County Dual-Credit, ECHS/PTECH students, pre- and post-graduation
  • Extensive HR-type feature to manage application process

It is your choice to maintain an account in both or just one of the systems.

Want more information? Visit Handshake's Employer Site

Need onboarding support? Please contact the Employer Resource Center at