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Cedar Valley twins (left to right) Toniyah Jones, Jeniyah Jones, Latonya Munson and Latasha Munson

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For immediate release — Aug. 14, 2023

(DALLAS) — Seeing doubles? Two sets of twins, all related, have enrolled in Dallas College, doubling the number of their family members enrolled at the Cedar Valley Campus in the Fall.

Recent high school graduates Jeniyah Jones and Toniyah Jones are accustomed to double takes. They are fraternal twins but could pass for identical. At 18, they are rarely separate from one another.

“It’s not corny. It’s like having your own best friend,” Jeniyah said.

Both are pursuing medical careers and thought it natural that they would start their post-high school education at Dallas College.

“I’m never alone. I always have someone to talk to. We do everything together, so this seems natural to us,” Jeniyah said. “We keep some secrets but most of the time, we share everything.”

Toniyah finds comfort in knowing that she and her sister — classmates since they were young tots — are still attending school together.

“During high school, we got to know a lot of different people,” she said. “It really doesn’t matter what we do because we always have a good time.” Toniyah is a psychology major who plans to make that a longtime career.

“I just think mental health is very important. I’ve always wanted to find out why people do what they do and why they are the way they are,” Toniyah said.

The twins’ mother, Latonya Munson, 38, is herself a twin. She and her sister, Latasha Munson, have also enrolled at Cedar Valley Campus. It’s the same school Latonya started in 2003 but dropped out “after life got in the way.“

“I got the news about the twins and had to make other plans,” Latonya Munson said. “I had to prepare for them.”

A fashion major, she has returned to Cedar Valley to relaunch her basic studies courses but plans to transfer to El Centro where Dallas College’s fashion courses are taught.

Her twin sister, Latasha, started at El Centro in 2013, but “life happened” for her, and she too dropped out to raise her family, which includes three children — none of whom are twins. She is majoring in business and wants to start a family business.

“I’m not sure what that would be, but it would involve all of us,” she said.

Not surprising, both sisters are insurance adjusters, and, of course, they work for the same company.

“We do everything together,” they said in unison.

Life-changing issues aside, the twins are happy they took a cue from Jeniyah and Toniyah and enrolled in college.

Last week, all four met up at Cedar Valley to enroll and take pictures to commemorate their enrollment and celebrate their academic goals. Their family dynamic, they said, is a story of dreams, perseverance and support.

“We are trying to break generational curses and keep God first,” Latasha said.

The four are among the more than 64,000 students who have enrolled so far in the upcoming Fall semester at Dallas College. Together in so many aspects of their lives, family members push and encourage each other.

“It will be comforting to be at the same campus,” Latonya said.

The four have sort of created their own support group. The goal for each is the same: graduate from college.

Dallas College offers an array of online and in-person classes along with success coaches who help students with a variety of services. The path to success is “hands on,” and students are better able to navigate their way to completion.

“Dallas College, like other institutions of higher learning, has faced enrollment challenges brought on by COVID-19,” said Dr. Beatriz Joseph, vice chancellor for student success. “We have implemented strong advertising and marketing campaigns, and we’ve hired success coaches who support our students while they are enrolled. This positions our students for academic success, transfer opportunities and degree completion.”

Aug. 16 is the last day to register for classes starting Aug. 21. The second eight-week term starts Oct. 16, and the deadline to register is midnight Oct. 15. For more information, visit DallasCollege.edu/Register.

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