Enrollment/Concurrent Enrollment

The number of scheduled class hours per semester, certification of your attendance in class and attending other institutions can all impact your eligibility for financial aid.

Certified Hours

The total amount shown on your award letter, or posted on eConnect, is based on full-time enrollment (12 credit hours or more). All students’ costs of attendance are based on half-time status. Student enrollment statuses will be evaluated and/or adjusted on an individual basis after the financial aid census date.

Federal law requires that financial aid students begin attendance in each of their classes. If you do not begin attending class, or if you drop before the financial aid census date, the amount of your award eligibility may be reduced. If the award has already been paid to you, you will be required to repay any amount that you are not eligible to receive.

Class start dates can be found on the academic calendar, and financial aid certification dates can be found on the disbursement schedule.

You must actively begin attending/participating in class in order to receive your financial aid awards. If you cannot attend the first day of class, you should contact your instructor. Please note: Until your instructor certifies your attendance in class, financial aid cannot be paid.

Concurrent Enrollment

Federal laws state that you cannot receive a Pell Grant concurrently (at the same time) at more than one institution. If you are reported as receiving a Pell Grant at another institution at the same time, your Dallas College awards will be pulled back or recorded as blocked until you resolve the problem by repaying your award to the other school or the Department of Education, or by canceling your awards at Dallas College.

Checking Tuition Payment and Financial Aid Posting

If you receive your financial aid award notification before the start of the semester or Summer term, tuition and fees will be deducted from your award about 10 days before the first day of classes. To see if your tuition for the current semester has been paid, log in to eConnect and click on “Tuition Account Summary" under "Payment & Disbursements."

Although financial aid will not pay your tuition any earlier than 10 days before classes begin, you will not be dropped for failure to pay on or before your tuition due date if a financial aid award has posted to your student record.

Some classes have a delayed start or may be offered on a flexible attendance schedule. A portion of your remaining funds will be held until the instructor has certified your attendance in each class.